Training BigData Analytics

DataFy Technologies is a leading Analytics Talent Development Organization. As per research organizations there is a lack of talents in this world. Particularly for upcoming technologies like BigData. So DataFy is determined to build dedicated talents by providing training and conducting workshops in BigData Arena.

In order to build efficient talents, we identify real-time business cases and get it developed / resolved by asprants. And simulate the project environment and distribute the tasks to the team members. By that all the team members will get real-time experience.

Every member have a practical, real-world understanding of the real world business cases, particular challenges, processes and operating models.

Courses Offered:
Hadoop Eco System Developer
Hadoop Eco System Administrator
MapReduce Programming with Java
Apache Drill
Apache Solr
Data Science
Machine Learning
Mode of Training:
Online Training (One to One)
Proof of Concepts (POC)
Live Projects
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